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SciPy 2015: Talks Day 1

written by Eric J. Ma on 2015-07-08 | tags: scipy conferences python

Morning Session

  1. Will millenials ever get married?: Survival analysis made simple.
  2. Distarray: A tool to do distributed computing on numpy arrays.
  3. Teaching with Jupyter: nbgrader for autograding of Jupyter notebooks, and JupyterHub to provide a uniform environment for teaching and learning.
  4. Open Source data archive for melanoma screening: How to build a system that helps diagnose melanoma.

Mid-Day Session

  1. Story time with Bokeh: State of Bokeh’s plotting package.
  2. VisPy: Harnessing The GPU For Fast, High-Level Visualization: A very impressive package for doing real-time visualization!
  3. HoloViews: Interactive data visualizations made really easy.

Afternoon Session

  1. Deep learning crash course: A real crash course!
  2. PyStruct (structured prediction): a package for doing structured prediction.

I then left to get a breather, and prepare a bit for my lighting talk!

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