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written by Eric J. Ma on 2016-05-22 | tags: odsc conferences data science

I had a ton of fun delivering a workshop on network analysis fundamentals at ODSC East yesterday! This is my bullet-point journal version of my thoughts over ODSC East.

  1. Learned a ton from Bang Wong (of the Broad Institute) and Mark Schindler (of GroupVisual) about DataViz & User Experience (DVUX).
  2. Didn’t expect that the workshop would be over-subscribed! I was expecting the topic to be a bit more niche. Lots of kind tweets and feedback. Material are all available on GitHub.
  3. Invited to contribute content to DataCamp on network analysis. Timeline approximately Fall 2016 or Spring 2017. Strongly considering it.
  4. Talked one-on-one with a manager in the Facebook infrastructure data science team. FB gets a lot of stick for privacy reasons; after this talk, I realize they have bigger, altruistic plans that rarely get talked about. The short story is that there always some degree of tradeoff, and it sometimes takes a company amassing resources in order to do things that require a big jump rather than incremental improvements.
  5. I like Dask, great talk by Matthew Rocklin (slides). Time to try it out.
  6. Great to see biological applications featured at ODSC, especially on Sunday. Neglected tropical diseases and big microscopy analysis.

the tweets:

The tweets are archived here. It'll serve as my "feel good" memory stack if I ever need to return to it.

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