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PyCon 2017: Tutorials and Talk Preview!

written by Eric J. Ma on 2017-05-04 | tags: pycon conferences python

This year, I'll be at PyCon 2017 presenting two tutorials and one talk! I'm very excited to be attending!

The first tutorial I will deliver is on network analysis. The GitHub repository is online, and is the most mature of the three. This will be my 3rd year teaching the tutorial; I first developed the material in 2015, and have been refining it ever since. This year, I have great help from Mridul Seth, a student from India who has also been doing network analysis.

The second tutorial I will be leading is on testing practices for data science. The GitHub repository is online, and will cover the use of automated tests for checking code and data integrity, as well as the use of visualization methods in EDA to sanity-check the data. The material is still in development right now, and I'm hoping to get good feedback from the Boston Python community when I dry-run it locally in the Boston area.

My talk will be on Bayesian statistical analysis using PyMC3. As usual, the materials are available online on GitHub. In it, I will cover the two most common types of statistical analysis problems - parameter estimation and comparison of treatment with controls, and demonstrate the process of reasoning through model building, implementing it in PyMC3, and interpreting the data.

Really excited to be making three contributions back to the Python community. I've benefited much from the use of Python tools, and every PyCon I learn something new, so this is my little way of giving back!

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