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written by Eric J. Ma on 2017-08-10 | tags: job hunt data science insight data science

Signed and done! I will be joining the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research (NIBR) in September, as part of the Scientific Data Analysis (SDA) team under Novartis Informatics (NX).

NIBR is the research arm of Novartis, and the SDA team is essentially a "Data Special Ops" team inside NIBR. The nature of the position involves both internal consulting and the development of new initiatives across teams.

The nature of the role I'm being hired into is in statistical learning, which is a general direction I've been moving towards during my time in grad school. I picked up and implemented a number of useful and interesting deep learning algorithms back then, and over the past half a year, have finally gotten in underneath the hood of graph & image convolutions, variational autoencoders and gaussian processes. It's really fun stuff, at its core, and to me, it's even more fun translating biological and chemical data problems into that language, and back.

After a summer learning lots and networking with industry professionals and fellow Fellows at Insight, I'm ready for a bit more structure in my life. Looking forward to starting there!

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