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nxviz 0.5 released!

written by Eric J. Ma on 2018-08-01 | tags: nxviz visualization data science software open source

A new version of nxviz is released!

In this update, I have added a declarative interface for visualizing geographically-constrained graphs. Here, nodes in a graph have their placement constrained by longitude and latitude.

An example of how to use it is below:

nxviz geoplots

In the GeoPlot constructor API, the keyword arguments node_lat and node_lon specify which node metadata are to be used to place nodes on the x- and y- axes.

By no means do I intend for GeoPlot to replace more sophisticated analysis methods; like seaborn, the interface is declarative; for me, the intent is to provide a very quick-and-dirty way for an end user to visualize graphs with spatially constrained nodes.

Please enjoy!

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