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Twitter Threads about Generative AI Business Ideas

written by Eric J. Ma on 2023-01-07 | tags: generative AI twitter til

I've seen many Twitter threads outline potential business ideas one could build using ChatGPT3. Here are two that came up on my timeline.

  • One by Alex Banks here, and
  • One by Ben Tossell here.

In summary, the ideas are:

  • Generating music.
  • Generating fitness plans.
  • Copywriting and translation.

Here's what I see as being common between the ideas in those two threads:

  1. The tasks aren't doable by simple, structured information storage and retrieval.
  2. They involve either the synthesis or summarization of existing knowledge.
  3. As I think through what else needs to be done in each context, it's clear that they all need expertise or domain knowledge to evaluate the correctness of the generated text.

As Alex Banks writes at the end of his thread,

My advice: don't force yourself to come up with the next big startup idea.

Instead, keep your eyes and mind open to the problems and frustrations you encounter in your daily life.

These are the seeds of potential startups, waiting to be nurtured.

Solving mundane and repetitive tasks has always been the value proposition of computation. Our definitions of "mundane" and "repetitive" will evolve; humans will continue to build machines to free us up to pursue deeper creativity. ChatGPT3, and other generative models, are no exception!

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