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How to configure a minimum Python version in pyproject.toml

written by Eric J. Ma on 2023-07-12 | tags: til python python310 pythonversioning pyproject.toml pythontips llamabot

Today, I learned how to set the minimum version of Python in pyproject.toml.

If I want a minimum version of Python:

python = ">=3.10"

If I want a maximum version of Python:

python = "<=3.10"

This problem came up within the context of llamabot, where I was using relatively new syntax to indicate the union of types:

doc_paths: List[str] | List[Path] | str | Path = None

Pre-Python 3.10, the only way to show this was:

doc_paths: Union[List[str], List[Path], str, Path] = None

Visually, I think the post-Python 3.10 syntax is a bit easier to reason about.

h/t my colleague Jiayi Cox who helped me identify the bug in this issue.

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