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Insight Mini-Workshops

I led workshops on web development, Bokeh, code style, and deep learning.


Bayesian Data Science Two Ways: Simulation and Probabilistic Programming

Bayesian statistical analysis concepts, taught using PyMC3, with Hugo Bowne-Anderson.

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Data Testing Tutorial

In this tutorial, we show data scientists how to write tests. Idea hatched with Renee Chu.

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Deep Learning Fundamentals

Model, loss, and optimizer: the core components of deep learning. Come learn more; at the end, we even build the beginnings of a deep learning framework!

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Network Analysis Made Simple

My take on teaching network analysis and graph theory concepts, using NetworkX. Taught at many conferences since 2015.

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scikit-learn Tutorial

One of my earliest tutorials, on how to use scikit-learn. Delivered in 2015.

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