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Style Guide

This is the style guide for writing notebooks and markdown files for the book.

Intended as a guide when there is ambiguity in how to format something. Updated it when new decisions are made for uncertain circumstances.



Jupyter notebook headers should begin at the 2nd level. In other words:

## Introdction (this is correct!)

should be the first header, and not:

# Introdction (this is wrong!)

This allows mkdocs to insert the "Chapter X" heading at the top of the compiled Markdown document.


Exercises should be at the 3rd level of headers.

For exercises that yield a plot, allow the exercise cell to be executed.

For exercises that modify an object that is used later, allow the exercise cell to be executed.

For exercises that are implementation-oriented, and do not affect notebook state, it is recommended that the execution be commented out to save on execution time.

For exercises that require answering a question, wrap the answer in a triple quote string, use the markdown package to parse it into HTML, and then use IPython's HTML display facility to show the answer in beautiful HTML. A convenience function called render_html is provided. Here's an example:

from nams.functions import render_html

def bipartite_degree_centrality_denominator():
    ans = """
Some answer goes here!
Written in **Markdown**.
    return render_html(ans)

Indentation is super important!

Left indentation on the answer string cannot be present, otherwise the answer will not render correctly in HTML form!


Exercise solutions should be placed in the corresponding<notebook_name_without_extension> Python submodule.

Code solutions should always be present at the bottom of the notebook.

Use the following code block to help:

import inspect
from import {{ notebook_name }}

print(inspect({{ notebook_name }}))


Notebooks should run from top-to-bottom without erroring out.

Notebooks ideally should run in under 10 seconds. However, if a notebook needs up to 30 seconds to finish execution, that is acceptable. No notebook should take on the order of minutes to finish.